Which Garage Door is Right For Me?

23 March 2023

If you’re in need of a new garage door and you know exactly what you’re looking for, finding the right product should be relatively straightforward. But, if like many, you’re not sure which door type is best suited to you and your home, there are some questions you’ll want to consider before making your decision.

Does my garage door need to be secure?

In most cases, the answer should probably be yes. Our garages are often where we store some of our most valuable possessions, despite many losing their traditional function of housing the car. Have a think about what’s in yours…do you use it to store tools? Sporting equipment? Business stock? Chances are that the contents of your garage add up to a considerable sum. Therefore, choosing a garage door that is secure should be high on your wish list.

But which garage doors offer the best levels of security? One of the most popular choices for the security conscious is an electric garage door. No visible handles or locks means there is no obvious point of attack. In fact, the lock is usually concealed within the mechanics, making it extremely difficult for intruders to access. Plus, an electric door will automatically lock when closed, so you won’t accidentally forget to secure your door.

However, we have word of caution…check the door specification, particularly if you’re considering a roller garage door. Visually, many rollers look the same, but the devil is in the detail. For enhanced security look for a door that’s manufactured with steel endplates, a reinforced top slat, and tamper-proof fixings.

If you’d prefer a garage door that's had its security claims independently tested and approved, look for products with an SbD (Secured by Design) accreditation or an LPCB (Loss Prevention Certification Board) rating. The SeceuroGlide Excel was the first roller garage door to pass the test and has since achieved the higher security rating; LPS1175 SR1. Furthermore, it is the only door on the market that retains its Secured by Design accreditation even when fitted in the opening. For more about security ratings and why they matter, click here.

Do I need my garage door to be durable?

You should think of any new garage door as an investment in your home. If you want a door that will stand the test of time, be prepared to spend a little more on a quality product. Choose a flimsy, or badly made garage door and you may be looking to replace it again in a few short years.

To secure a quality garage door, always find out what’s included in the overall price. For instance, one door might seem like a bargain, but does it come with all the performance, security and safety features that are supplied as standard with doors quoted at a higher price? Are the warranty terms good? Don’t forget, a generous warranty is an indicator of the manufacturer’s confidence in its products. For a roller or sectional garage door, you should be looking for a minimum of 5 years.

And always check the fine print! Surprisingly, some doors are only backed by the installer. Installers can often be a franchisee, one-man band, or recent start-up. So, look for a product that comes with a full manufacturer’s warranty, such as a door from the SeceuroGlide range. SeceuroGlide doors are manufactured in the UK by an established company with over 35 years of industry experience. A business with this level of longevity provides added confidence that they’ll be around to honour their warranty terms, should you need them to. Even better, SeceuroGlide Roller Garage Doors come with an impressive 7-year automation warranty. Automation is arguably the costliest part of any garage door build, so the added peace-of-mind would be a huge bonus.

Which type of garage door is popular amongst other homeowners?

Be honest, you’ve probably been sneaking a look at your neighbours doors as part of your research! If so, you may be surprised to notice that garage door design has really advanced in the last couple of decades.

Traditional timber doors and even cumbersome up-and-overs have taken a back seat to modern alternatives. These include sleek roller garage doors or stylish sectionals. Super low maintenance, these modern replacements don’t just score highly in the style department. They also offer luxury with electric operation, and convenience with their space-saving design. Often made-to-measure, roller or sectional garage doors boast some of the biggest design options, with colour being the most important design consideration of many homeowners. Some doors are available in a large range of standard colours or can even be manufactured in any RAL, so the world’s your oyster when it comes to colour!

With an eye on current trends, SeceuroGlide has recently introduced three new colours to its range of roller garage doors. The addition of Cream White, Moss Green and Dark Brown makes SeceuroGlide’s colour range one of the largest in the industry. You can try your favourite colours (or even different door types) with the SeceuroGlide Door Designer.

Do I need a garage door that is economical?

If you’ve got one eye on the budget, then a simple up-and-over door is the most cost-effective solution. However, choosing this option means a sacrifice on some of the best performance features of pricier roller or sectional garage doors. You’ll be compromising on security, durability and design options, to name just a few.

For a door that provides long-lasting value, look for a reputable roller/sectional garage door manufacturer that offers an entry-level version of their product. For example, the SeceuroGlide LT offers a budget-friendly alternative to the industry-leading SeceuroGlide Original. Despite being entry-level, the LT actually competes with the industry standard without compromising on SeceuroGlide’s renowned standard of quality and design.

How important is it that my garage door is quiet?

Like nails being dragged across a blackboard, a noisy garage door grabs your own attention for all the wrong reasons! If you want to access your garage without all your neighbours knowing about it, ask your installer for a door that opens smoothly and quietly.

Automated garage doors are possibly some of the quietest garage doors, thanks to modern motors that control the door’s ascent/descent. SeceuroGlide has gone one step further in its quest for quiet doors with a unique webbing system. Running the length of the roller garage door’s curtain, the webbing gives smoother operation and a noticeable reduction in noise.

Which type of door is the most energy efficient?

Are you one of the 47% of garage owners who uses their space as a workshop, DIY space or gym? If the answer is yes, you should consider the thermal efficiency of your new garage door. Your garage door takes up a large proportion of one of your garage’s external walls. This means there is potential for significant heat loss in gaps under and around the door. With single-skinned, uninsulated products, precious heat can literally pass straight through it.

For a guaranteed perfect fit, opt for a made-to-measure garage door. This will ensure a tight seal and keep out any draughts. Fortunately, most bespoke garage doors are either roller or sectional, meaning they are usually manufactured with twin walls and an insulating core. But for ultimate weather protection, look for a door that is available with the additional seal that goes across the ground, underneath the door (especially important if your garage is on a slope or it has an uneven floor).

Head over to our article on the benefits of an insulated garage door for more advice in this area.

Which garage door type comes with the best safety features?

Weighing anything from 100lbs to 350lbs, your garage door will probably be the heaviest, and largest moving object in your home. However, your garage is essentially another room in your home and it’s likely to be used by all members of your family. Therefore, it’s important that your garage door doesn’t cause you any sleepless nights over safety concerns.

You may think that automated garage doors pose a bigger threat to safety, however, the opposite is in fact true. Electric garage doors are supplied with obstacle-detection devices that automatically stop a moving door when it detects a person or object. The use of an anti-fallback feature prevents an electric door from falling – even if there is a power failure. Plus, automation eliminates any physical strain associated with lifting manual doors.

Unfortunately, there are considerable differences in the level of safety between garage door types, manufacturers and installers. So do your homework. Ensure the door you choose comes complete with all safety features as standard. In our opinion, safety should never be offered as an optional extra. Next, only buy through an approved installer who can talk you through the safety features and correct installation.

Finally, once your new door is installed, make sure you have it serviced regularly. This is important no matter which garage door you have. A regular service will give you peace-of-mind that your door is performing perfectly whilst significantly improving the longevity of your product.

Still undecided? Why not find an installer who has a showroom where you can have a closer look at the different options? Consider looking at owner reviews too. Check out Trustpilot, YouTube or even manufacturer’s websites for honest reviews.

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