Family-Friendly Safety Features

Built-in as standard.

With SeceuroGlide Sectional Garage Doors you can be confident that our safety features will never be offered as an optional extra.

Every door has been engineered to provide ultimate performance without a compromise on safety. A reliable, automatic stop feature, plus reassuring finger-safe joints mean you can remove some of the worry from your busy family life.

Sectional safety thumb
Automatic Stop

The motor is fitted with a sensor that will automatically stop the door if an obstacle is detected. The door will then retract 200mm clear of the obstruction and will not move again until you press the command on your handset.

Fully CE / UKCA Marked

With SeceuroGlide you can be reassured by the values behind the name. Every SeceuroGlide Garage Door is CE/UKCA marked and provided with a declaration of conformity to ensure compliance with the machinery directive.

Finger-Safe Joints

To ensure the safety of you and your family, each joint features a finger-safe design that prevents fingers from being caught or trapped between the panels whilst the door is in operation.

Finger protection
Finger Protection Plates

As an added precaution, SeceuroGlide Sectional Garage Doors use metal corner plates that prevent fingers or hands from getting caught in the mechanics when the door is moving.

Spring Covers

SeceuroGlide Sectionals are always supplied with plastic spring covers as standard. This is often an added extra with other sectional garage doors.

‘It was reassuring to know that all the safety features were supplied as standard. It means I don’t have to worry about my family’s safety when opening or closing the door.’

After having a cheap roller door fitted from a Facebook advert, which failed after two years, I decided to buy a reputable SeceuroGlide door from an established company with a guarantee that is solid and my door fitted by a long standing professional and local installer who will also service it.

The overall appearance of the door is excellent. Much easier to use than the one it replaced and we now have more usable storage space in the garage too. I was impressed with the service and overall speed of delivery, given the long lead times we are all currently experiencing for many things. Access Garage Doors made the installation look very simple too

Star Star Star Star Star

SeceuroGlide Original

Cornwall | January 2023

We were looking to replace our old garage door. The SeceuroGlide Original had all of the features we were looking for. Very happy

Star Star Star Star Star

SeceuroGlide Excel

Chilham | October 2022

We've had a SeceuroGlide garage before and we were looking to upgrade. The strong security features, long warranty and solid feel to the product is why we stuck with SeceuroGlide.

Star Star Star Star Star

SeceuroGlide Compact

Manchester | September 2022

Ideal door type for our garage, great cost and colour!

Star Star Star Star Star

SeceuroGlide Original

Canterbury | September 2022

The SeceuroGlide Original had everything that we were looking for.

Star Star Star Star Star

SeceuroGlide Original

Chester | May, 2022

I had SeceuroGlide on my last home, they worked great and were secure and warm. I had to get another one!

Star Star Star Star Star

SeceuroGlide Roller Garage Door

Hayes | May 2022

The door is fantastic, colour and installation are just what we were looking for.

Star Star Star Star Star

SeceuroGlide Sectional Elite

Oldbury | May, 2022

Absolutely perfect door, so smooth in operation and looks fantastic.

Star Star Star Star Star

SeceuroGlide Original

York | November, 2021

When I comparing a SeceuroGlide to other brands, they all came up short.

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