Protection from the cold

Keeping you warm and dry, whatever the weather.

If a warmer, more energy-efficient home matters to you, then insulation shouldn’t be overlooked when choosing a new garage door.

A well-insulated garage door is an essential part of optimising your home’s energy efficiency. It will help to maintain a stable temperature within your home, reducing energy waste and saving you money on your heating bills.

Superior Insulation

SeceuroGlide Sectionals use insulated panels that are 40mm thick and are constructed with two steel sheets that encase a CFC-free foam core. Substantial 30mm seals are then used to block unwanted wind and rain from entering your garage.

Superior insulation means a SeceuroGlide Sectional Garage Door won’t only change your garage from the outside, it will also transform how you use the space on the inside.

Sectional insulation

Energy-Efficient Panels

Benefit from a more energy-efficient garage with SeceuroGlide Sectional’s thick, fully insulated panels. A 40mm polyisocyanurate (PIR) core provides an insulation value of 0.60 W/m₂k which ensures a warmer garage and an all-year-round usable space.

Sectional seal

Double Weather Seal

For an all-weather superior seal, SeceuroGlide Sectional Garage Doors use a substantial rubber seal that reaches 30mm into the opening at the top, sides and bottom of the door. A double folded seal is also concealed within the underside of each panel, preventing water ingress while the door is in motion. All-round seals are expertly designed to protect your garage from the wind and rain.


Watertight SeceuroSeal

The optional SeceuroSeal helps reduce further water ingress, keeping the garage dry and clean from outside debris, even in the worst weather! Fitted on the ground underneath the door, SeceuroSeal is ideal for garages with uneven floors or those that lie at the bottom of a sloping driveway.

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SeceuroGlide Sectional Garage Doors can be closed at the bottom and left open at the top, just before the top panel falls into place. This clever design allows effective ventilation, ideal if your garage stores your tumble dryer or is used as a home gym.

‘I spend a lot of time in my garage as it’s my work studio. The watertight seals and insulated panels have transformed how my garage feels. A warmer, quieter space makes it a much nicer place to work.’

After having a cheap roller door fitted from a Facebook advert, which failed after two years, I decided to buy a reputable SeceuroGlide door from an established company with a guarantee that is solid and my door fitted by a long standing professional and local installer who will also service it.

The overall appearance of the door is excellent. Much easier to use than the one it replaced and we now have more usable storage space in the garage too. I was impressed with the service and overall speed of delivery, given the long lead times we are all currently experiencing for many things. Access Garage Doors made the installation look very simple too

Star Star Star Star Star

SeceuroGlide Original

Cornwall | January 2023

We were looking to replace our old garage door. The SeceuroGlide Original had all of the features we were looking for. Very happy

Star Star Star Star Star

SeceuroGlide Excel

Chilham | October 2022

We've had a SeceuroGlide garage before and we were looking to upgrade. The strong security features, long warranty and solid feel to the product is why we stuck with SeceuroGlide.

Star Star Star Star Star

SeceuroGlide Compact

Manchester | September 2022

Ideal door type for our garage, great cost and colour!

Star Star Star Star Star

SeceuroGlide Original

Canterbury | September 2022

The SeceuroGlide Original had everything that we were looking for.

Star Star Star Star Star

SeceuroGlide Original

Chester | May, 2022

I had SeceuroGlide on my last home, they worked great and were secure and warm. I had to get another one!

Star Star Star Star Star

SeceuroGlide Roller Garage Door

Hayes | May 2022

The door is fantastic, colour and installation are just what we were looking for.

Star Star Star Star Star

SeceuroGlide Sectional Elite

Oldbury | May, 2022

Absolutely perfect door, so smooth in operation and looks fantastic.

Star Star Star Star Star

SeceuroGlide Original

York | November, 2021

When I comparing a SeceuroGlide to other brands, they all came up short.

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