Smooth Automation

Powerful, simple, and reliable.

Rattling, noisy garage doors are a thing of the past with SeceuroGlide.

Our sectional garage doors might draw a few envious glances from your neighbours, but they’re so quiet, you know they won’t wake them when getting your bike out on a Sunday morning.

Smooth, electric operation doesn’t just mean a quiet door. It also means getting in and out of your garage will be a doddle. You can even do it without leaving your car!

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Reliable Motor Operation

With a 5-year automation warranty, SeceuroGlide Sectional Garage Doors deliver reliable and powerful performance. Perfect for a stress-free routine.

Feature Box Sectional Smooth Track

Quiet running motors paired with a clever track-connecting system provide smoother operation and a reduction in noise.

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Two Handsets

Mix and match from a choice of stylish handsets. Two are provided as standard with every SeceuroGlide Sectional Garage Door.

Feature Box Sectional Manual Overide
Emergency Manual Override

An internal manual override automatically disengages the operator in the event of a power failure, providing a safe exit route in the event of an emergency. Open the door easily with a conveniently located internal handle.

‘I access my garage 2-3 times a day so electric opening has been a real game-changer. I wish I’d got my SeceuroGlide years ago!’

A Choice of Powerful Motors

Black Edition Sectional Operator

The Black Edition ensures SeceuroGlide Sectional Garage Doors open and close smoothly and quietly thanks to a built-in soft start and stop feature which is automatically applied during motor set-up.


  • Hidden program buttons for a sleek look
  • LED courtesy light to light up your garage while the door is in motion
  • Obstacle detection meaning the door will never close on a person or object
  • Built-in ‘Open’ alarm so you won’t accidentally leave the door open
  • Emergency manual release so your door can be opened even in a power failure
  • Service reminder alarm

Somfy Sectional Operators

The Dexxo Pro and the Dexxo Compact from Somfy provide quick, quiet operation of your SeceuroGlide Sectional Garage Door. The Pro is also fully compatible with Somfy’s extensive range of Home Automation accessories, including security cameras and motion sensors.


  • Quick opening and closing at a speed of up to 18 cm/s
  • Built-in soft start and stop for smooth operation
  • Convenient integrated LED courtesy light
  • Obstacle detection meaning the door will never close on a person or object
  • Emergency manual release so your door can be opened even in a power failure
  • Smart home compatible

Not sure which door is right for you?

If you’re unsure which SeceuroGlide Garage Door is best for you, contact your local installer who will be happy to talk you through your options.

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You garage door plays a big part in your home's unique character. Choosing a door that perfectly complements your home and style can feel like a big decision.

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SeceuroGlide Roller Garage Doors

Contemporary, space-saving and secure, with insurance approved and Secured by Design options.

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Sectional accessories

SeceuroGlide Sectional Garage Doors

Stylish automation with a choice of attractive panels, finishes and accessories.

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