Smooth Automation

Effortless opening at the touch of a button.

Feature Box 7 Yr Warranty

If you’ve previously had a cumbersome, manually operated garage door, you’ll love the convenience of going electric.

Park right up to your garage and operate your door from the comfort of your car. Perfect for when it’s dark or raining! Your new electric SeceuroGlide will be a joy to use, and operation is so simple you can even do it with your hands full.

A choice of automation methods will help you design a garage door that perfectly works for you and your family’s lifestyle. Remote handsets, smartphone control or a separate keypad means SeceuroGlide has an automation solution for everyone.

Hand remote small


Reliable Motor Operation

Up to a generous 7-year automation warranty, SeceuroGlide delivers reliable and powerful performance. Perfect for a stress-free routine.


Quiet running motors paired with SeceuroGlide’s unique webbing system provide smoother operation and a noticeable noise reduction.

Chrome Deluxe MORE WRIST
Two Handsets

Mix and match from a choice of stylish handsets. Two are provided as standard with every SeceuroGlide Roller Garage Door.

Control Unit

Advanced technology means our control units offer unique features unavailable with any other roller garage door.

Feature Box Somfy Smart Phone
Smart Opening

Upgrade to smart controls and use your smartphone to control your garage wherever you are. Perfect for accepting deliveries or for when you’ve forgotten your handset.

Remote Control Keypad

A secure, alternative option for controlling your door. The wireless controller offers convenience without compromising security.

Manual Override Kit

This low-level kit allows the door to be operated manually in emergencies. Essential if your garage door is the only means of entry into the garage.

“I underestimated how convenient I’d find an electric garage door. I was surprised at just how easy it is to use. There’s no way I’d go back to a manual door ever again!”
SeceuroSense Control Unit

Enhanced Automation

7 Year warranty
SeceuroSense Plus Control Unit

Unavailable from any other manufacturer, SeceuroSense Plus is the bespoke control unit for SeceuroGlide Roller Garage Doors. Conveniently activate your garage door using multiple options, including pressing and releasing the buttons on the front of the control unit, the button on your remote handset or even a separate wall switch.

It can also be used to control the lights and activate the holiday mode feature, while special LEDs display the status of any faults on the door. A frequency of 868MHz and rolling code technology minimises the risk of code duplication and unauthorised access.

When purchased alongside the SeceuroDrive Motor, the SeceuroSense Control Unit comes with a 7-year warranty.

Chrome Deluxe MORE WRIST
*SeceuroSense Handsets

Two handsets are provided as standard with every SeceuroGlide Garage Door, and with the SeceuroSense Control Unit, you have 9 stylish options to choose from. Choose a sleek keyring sized handset or the larger Plus handset, which is easy to use and comfortable to hold. Bi-directional controls are also available.

*SeceuroDrive Motor

Providing years of reliable performance, the SeceuroDrive Motor comes with an impressive 7-year warranty. This fully comprehensive warranty provides added peace-of-mind with your decision to choose a SeceuroGlide Roller Garage Door.

Exclusive Range of Handsets

Roller Black Deluxe
Black Deluxe
Roller Black Smooth Bi Directional
Black Smooth Bi-Directional
Roller Black Smooth
Black Smooth
Roller Chrome Deluxe
Chrome Deluxe
Roller Plus
Somfy Control Unit

Enjoy an Easier Life with SeceuroGlide and Somfy

Rollixo Control Unit
Rollixo Control Unit

The Rollixo Control Unit from Somfy comes complete with built-in anti-entrapment and magnet as standard, plus multiple safety features. With a frequency of 433MHz, the unit uses radio technology to receive instructions from any of the Somfy range of controllers. When paired with a Somfy motor, both the Rollixo Control Unit and the motor come complete with a generous 7-year warranty, for added peace-of-mind.

Keygo Remote
Keygo Handset

When you choose the Rollixo RTS from Somfy to power your roller garage door, you'll be provided with two attractive Keygo handsets. Small enough to fit in your pocket, the handset can easily be attached to your car keys or hung up in your home, making them easy to find when you need them.

Optional Controllers

Situo Pure
Situo 1 RTS Pure II
Situo Iron
Situo 1 RTS Iron II
Situo Natural
Situo 1RTS Natural II
Situo Arctic
Situo 1 RTS Arctic II

Home Automation
Smart Living Starts with SeceuroGlide and Home Automation

With home automation, you can put yourself in control of securing your world even when you're miles from home. The TaHoma Switch is a fully integrated home automation system, providing full control of your garage, blinds, lighting, heating and security system. Compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, TaHoma Switch allows you to control your home, simply using your voice.

Key Features

  • Control your home from anywhere using TaHoma
  • Improve security and safety at home
  • Multi-function control
  • Integrate with your family routine
  • Create scenarios for different requirements throughout your home
  • Compatible with some of the most popular home brands
Ta Homa Switch

Alexa Logo
Google Logo
Velux Logo
Sonos Logo
Indoor Cameracroppedsmall


Boost your home security with indoor and outdoor cameras. Available as a standalone product, the cameras can be used with the Somfy Protect app, or the indoor camera can be used in conjunction with the TaHoma Switch.

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