Which garage door is best for small garages?

14 March 2022

Is your garage smaller than average? Or do you have limited headroom above the opening? You may think that a smaller garage means less choice when choosing a new garage door. However, do a little research and you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the variety available, even for the teeniest spaces!

So where should you begin?

Firstly, you’ll need to determine where space is most lacking within your garage as this will help with narrowing down your choices. For example, if the depth of your garage’s interior is shorter than average, it might be a good idea to look at doors that don’t open into the internal roof space as this takes away precious storage. Alternatively, if headroom is tight a door that slides across the roof of the garage could be a sensible use of space.

Next, you’ll want to grab your measuring tape and get your measurements. This will help you or your installer with collating a shortlist of suitable options for your garage. Some of the measurements you’ll need are:

  • Drive-through width
  • Drive-through height
  • The space above the opening
  • The space on either side of the opening
  • The depth of your garage (especially if you’re considering a sectional or up-and-over door)
  • Space on your driveway (is there enough space to park on your drive and still open an up and over garage door?)

Up and Over Doors

Traditional up and over garage doors are a cost-effective solution however, the off-the-shelf design and standard sizes mean they are not suitable for all garages. We’ve found that this is particularly true for smaller or larger than average garages. Often only available in standard sizes, they would be difficult to modify for non-standard openings.

Go Bespoke

A bespoke garage door probably seems like an obvious choice when working with restricted space. It means you can maximise the space you have whilst guaranteeing a perfect fit

Yes, it is likely to be more expensive than an off-the-shelf product, however, a made-to-measure door will be an investment you won’t regret. Aside from the satisfaction of having a door that perfectly fits your garage, some made-to-measure garage doors have lots of other benefits, such as much better security and enhanced insulation. You’ll also have access to a considerable choice of colours and finishes, meaning your small garage can be BIG on style!

Which door style?

If you’ve decided to go bespoke, you’ll find that roller and sectional garage doors are two of the most popular designs. Both options offer lots in terms of style and features and while it might not be something you’ve considered, either design will allow you to park millimetres from your door - and still open it! Perfect if space on your driveway is tight too.

Roller Garage Doors

For ultimate space-saving, you can’t go wrong with a roller garage door. The curtain rolls into a neat coil above the opening so there is zero intrusion into your garage space. You will need between 300 and 350mm of headroom to house the roll and the mechanics, however, if you have your heart set on a roller for your small garage, SeceuroGlide offers a compact version that needs as little as 205mm of headroom. View it here.

Taking up such a small amount of space will allow you to keep the remainder of your garage free for storage, and we could all do with more of that in our lives! One of the biggest differences between a roller and more traditional garage door is that the roof space is kept completely clear, meaning you’re free to use the space to store tools or sporting equipment.

If a roller is the door for you, take a word of caution! While roller garage doors from different manufacturers may look similar, there is a lot of variation in quality and performance. The old adage of ‘you get what you pay for’ is certainly true in the roller garage door industry so be sure to ask your installer to explain the differences.

Sectional Garage Doors

Don’t worry if headroom is your biggest issue. A SeceuroGlide Sectional Compact requires just 90mm above the opening. The rear-mounted springing system reduces the need for space above the door opening and the neat design requires as little as 85mm on either side. Perfect for maximising your drive-through space! For just an additional 10mm of headroom, the SeceuroGlide Sectional Elite is also a super space-saving option. It has a clever side-mounted system that provides added strength yet requires only 100mm of headroom.

You won’t be disappointed with how a sectional garage door looks either. There are loads of options to choose from and you can guarantee that once installed, your home’s kerb appeal will be instantly improved. Who said good things don’t come in small packages?

So, if you want a new door for your compact garage, you’ll find plenty to choose from. There are budget-friendly options and chances are you’ll be able to find an off-the-shelf design, but if you want more bang for your buck, we’d recommend a bespoke roller or sectional garage door. A perfect fit means better security, better insulation, better quality…better everything.

Roller Garage Door BA151 XB 0055 MANUAL HANDLE 1600px Masthead sectional compact

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