New Vertical Design in Sectional Garage Doors

14 June 2022

Garage doors. You’ve seen them all right?

Not this one. This SeceuroGlide Sectional with its vertical-rib design is hot off the production line and brand new to the garage door market.

Whilst it may be new, we can already see this stunning, contemporary design becoming a huge hit with homeowners looking for a garage door with added wow-factor. It (quite literally) flips panel design on its side and with great results. Bold and beautiful, yet classically understated, we think the vertical rib will add a touch of elegance to any property.

Vertically Exclusive

The vertical panel is only available from SeceuroGlide Sectional Garage Doors. However, if the vertical panel is the design for you, then rest assured you’ll be in safe hands with SeceuroGlide. The established brand has been around since the 90s and there’s nothing these guys don’t know about producing quality garage doors. They’ve certainly earned a reputation for being industry innovators in design and technology. So, it’s little wonder that SeceuroGlide is leading the way yet again with the introduction of this new look sectional garage door. Take a look at some of these reviews to see what existing customers are saying about SeceuroGlide.

The perfect alternative to traditional timber doors?

Do you live in a conservation area where planning and building regulations apply? If so, then the vertical-rib design from SeceuroGlide might just be the perfect alternative to traditional timber garage doors. Many councils specify that a new garage door on a property within a conservation area must be wooden in appearance with a vertical design to protect local historical or architectural interest. With a choice of different woodgrain finishes and unique vertical panels, we think the SeceuroGlide Sectional could provide the perfect solution in meeting planning restrictions whilst also addressing the homeowners needs for a stylish, strong and secure garage door.

Thinking of a sectional garage door? You’re not alone.

Sectional garage doors are an increasingly popular choice for UK homeowners. With security, strength and style among their many attributes, it’s not difficult to see why. And, with a choice of panel designs and endless colour options, choosing a sectional garage door means yours doesn’t have to look just like your neighbours (although it can, if that’s what you want!).

While some manufacturers only offer sectional garage doors in standard, off-the-shelf sizes, SeceuroGlide make their doors to order. This is definitely the route you should consider if you’re after a truly custom finish. As well as the brand-new vertical rib, you’ll find lots of other panel designs to choose from, including a sleek no-rib panel or the Georgian for a more classic look. Then, you can really get creative with windows, lighting and colours (some manufacturers even offer their sectionals in any RAL!).

There’s no doubt that garage door design has come a long way over recent years. Gone are the days when we were limited to flimsy up-and-overs or high-maintenance wooden doors. Made-to-measure, roller or sectional garage doors have transformed the look of today’s modern garage but also significantly enhanced security, ensuring better protection for our homes and property. Quality garage doors just keep on evolving, and if SeceuroGlide’s new-look vertical-rib is anything to go by, we’re excited to see what the industry will be introducing next!

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