How to Choose the Perfect Garage Door Colour

19 July 2022

Most things have advanced over the years, and that is definitely true of garage door design. Perhaps one of the most exciting developments is the industry’s almost limitless choice of colour options. Yep, gone are the days when we were restricted to just a handful of traditional colours.

Now, it would appear that the only limit is your imagination, especially as some manufacturers offer powder coating in any RAL or BS colour – so we’re literally talking 1000s of colours! This means you can choose a garage door that’s in the perfect shade of your favourite colour, be that blue, green, grey, red, pink…you get the idea.

If you’re indecisive or feeling a little overwhelmed with the magnitude of choice, we’ve come up with some tips to help you narrow down your options:

Make it Match

This remains one of the most popular options for many homeowners. And for good reason. Choosing to match your garage door to doors and windows will give your home a neat, seamless look. Even better, many of today’s most popular window frame colours, including white, black and anthracite are available as a standard colour choice from some garage door manufacturers.

Wild for Woodgrains

There’s something about a wood effect garage door that screams contemporary elegance. Again, this is a perfect choice for homes with oak or mahogany windows and doors and it’s possible that you’ll even be able to find a perfect match. A newer development is the introduction of woodgrain textures in non-traditional ‘wood colours’. Perhaps following the trend for composite front doors, some forward-thinking garage door manufacturers offer woodgrain textures in more than 40 colours. If woodgrain is your thing, a garage door in this finish will give a high-end appearance and offer textured style.

Go Contemporary

Roller and sectional garage doors are some of the most advanced designs in the industry today. Smooth automation and modern control options combine to create the complete package in garage door style and convenience. If you want your garage door to look as slick as it performs, you’ll easily achieve this with statement-making colours. Think vibrant blues and greens, creamy neutrals or stunning palettes of black and grey.

Colour Classics

Bold, modern colours can make a real statement, but sometimes opting for a more traditional finish can have the same wow-factor, especially if you’re lucky enough to live in a period property. Black, navy blue and white remain the nation’s most popular front door colours with blue being deemed the colour most likely to add value to your home. The same applies to garage doors, perhaps even more-so when you consider how much of your home’s exterior they take up. Choosing from traditional colour shades will certainly add to your home’s timeless elegance.

Fashion Followers

While exteriors are less susceptible to fleeting design trends, you might notice a shift in popular colours during the lifespan of your door, especially if you’ve invested wisely (see our blog for choosing a quality garage door). The beauty of some roller and sectional garage doors means it’s possible to update the curtain or panels, without the need to replace the frame or pricey motor and mechanics. If you’re a follower of trends or if you like to act on your prerogative to change your mind, this is a handy ‘good to know’.

Try On All Your Favourites

Wouldn’t it be great if you could try out different door colours before you take the plunge…

…well, it turns out you can! The SeceuroGlide Garage Door Designer allows you to upload a photo of your home so you can visualise your garage door in different styles and colours. Compare the virtues of green versus grey or blue versus black in this clever little tool. Seeing your perfect garage door might just be a click away.

Still feeling undecided? Take a look at the SeceuroGlide gallery for some ideas and inspiration.

SeceuroGlide Sectional Garage Door in Red SeceuroGlide Sectional Garage Door with Georgian Cassette Panels in Black SeceuroGlide Roller Garage Door in Rosewood

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