6 Reasons to Choose an Electric Garage Door

01 March 2022

If you’re looking to replace the garage door on your home, one of the first questions you’ll want to consider is, should I go electric? Aside from the obvious convenience factor, we’ve discovered a lot more benefits to investing in an automated garage door.

We’ve put together 6 of the key ones:

1: Security

This is a big one and should be high up on your wish list. Many UK garages are home to some of our most valuable items. Whether it’s housing your car or to store your tools, bicycles or sporting equipment, keeping your garage safe from intruders will often be a priority for most homeowners. So, the big question is, are automatic garage doors more secure than manual ones? The simple answer is yes. With no visible locks or handles, there is no obvious point of attack and with most electric garage doors, the motor will ensure the door remains locked. However, you’ll find that some electric garage doors have a higher security specification than others.

What other features should I look for to maximise security?

We’ve explained the basic security benefits of an electric garage door but if security is top of your wish list, ask your installer to point out any additional security features, such as steel end plates, a locking bottom slat or an alarm system. You may also want to consider one which comes with the independent accreditation, Secured by Design (SBD). SBD is the official police security initiative that works to improve the security of buildings and provides a recognised standard for any security product that can deter and reduce crime. The scheme is also recognised and approved by British insurers, so you may receive a discount with your home insurance policy.

For ultimate peace of mind, you can opt for an electric garage door that has been independently tested by the Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB). To achieve the burglary resistance standard; LPS 1175, the garage door must be able to resist a series of timed attacks which replicate break-in methods used by burglars.

2: Safety

Weighing anything from 100lbs to 350lbs, your garage door will probably be the heaviest, and largest moving object in your home. However, your garage is essentially another room in your home and is likely to be used by all members of your family. With this in mind, you’ll want a garage door that doesn’t cause you any sleepless nights over safety concerns. So, what precautions have some manufacturers made to ensure the safety of electric garage doors? An anti-fallback device will prevent the curtain from falling (even in the event of a power failure) while a specially designed safety edge will detect any person or obstacle while closing, which transmits a signal to stop the door.

Unlike manual doors, you can stand completely clear of the door to operate it and of course, automated opening means no physical strain! So as well as all the incorporated safety features, there are lots of physical health benefits to going electric.

It goes without saying that whichever garage door you choose, ALWAYS ensure that it has been fully CE or UKCA marked, meaning it conforms to all local health, safety and environmental protection standards.

3: Convenience

Security and safety aside, let’s not underestimate the convenience factor of an electric garage door! It’s dark before we get home for up to six months of the year and we definitely have our fair share of rain and wind. Imagine being able to pull up just millimetres from your garage door, press a button and drive straight into your warm and dry garage. Or a situation that many of us will be familiar with is always having our hands full. With automated opening, there’s no need to put everything down on the, let’s face it, wet drive to open your garage door.

As well as remote controls and keypads, you won’t be surprised to discover that some of the better electric garage door manufacturers have a system that allows you to operate your garage door with your smartphone. Now that is convenient!

4: Appearance

Your garage door probably takes up a large percentage of your home’s exterior. How it looks will certainly have a big impact on your property’s overall kerb-appeal, so it’s no surprise that for most people aesthetics will play a big part in choosing a new garage door.

The best quality automatic garage doors are made-to-order, meaning how your door looks is down to you. Whether you opt for a roller or sectional design, you’ll be spoilt for choice when designing your dream door. The choice of colours, finishes and accessories varies dramatically depending on the type of door you choose. Picking a manufacturer that offers a wide range of options means a bespoke door that suit your style won’t be hard to find. Choosing a brand that offers a selection of woodgrain finishes alongside their standard RAL colours, means you can match your door to existing doors and windows, a popular choice for many homeowners.

Unique to electric garage doors, and worth noting is the sleek contemporary finish which is achieved with no visible handles or locks. Depending on the door type, all mechanics will be discreetly tucked away either above the reveal or in the roof space.

5: Choice

We’ve covered choice in many of the points above, but it’s so extensive that it deserves a paragraph of its own. We’ve mentioned that a lot of electric garage doors are made-to-measure and like any bespoke product, you’ll want enough options to make it truly unique to you. Well, you certainly won’t be short of options when it comes to designing an electric door for your home. From door styles to colours, lighting options and windows the exterior appearance can be as discreet or as striking as you like. There are lots of mechanical preferences to choose from too. Would you choose to operate the door with remote controls, wall switches or a smartphone? Or maybe a combination?

6: Investment

There’s no denying that an electric garage door will cost more than one which is manually operated – that’s to be expected. However, installing a quality, electric garage door from an established manufacturer will not only give you years, and in many cases decades of reliable performance. It will also add instant value to your home and provide peace of mind that your garage is secure, and your valuables are protected – which is surely priceless?

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